One of the great things about technology is the information it allows us to have at our fingertips. This has been particularly important for NFL fans over the last few years, as this technology has lead to exceptional coverage of games throughout the season, available to view on mobile. It has also meant that fans can find out more in-depth information about their team, their tactics and their performances at the touch of a button.

This information has proved invaluable and has meant fans can now enjoy the game in a way like never before. There are now apps which can enhance your experience of the game, no matter where you are. Here are a list of just 6 of the best iPhone and iPad apps any self-respecting NFL fan must download:

  1. Bleacher Report’s Team Stream

This is an app version of the Bleacher Report website, and provides fans with all the Bleacher Report content they love, including the latest news from their favourite teams. Team Stream’s main feature though is that you just tell the app which teams you’re interested in, and you’ll only read news and content relating to those teams.

  1. Twitter

Although not an NFL-specific app, if you don’t have Twitter, you’re certainly missing out as an NFL fan. Whether you want to know what your favourite athlete gets up to off-season, or if you want to find out the latest transfer news as it’s breaking, Twitter is the place to be. Follow the right people or do the right searches and you’ll find information on start/sit lists, last minute changes, injury news and more, before it appears on TV.

  1. NFL Game Rewind

This gem of an app allows fans to view games after they’ve been played, for a small nominal subscription fee. This is great if you have to work or have other plans at game time. The app also allows you to cut out time in between plays, meaning you can watch the game in a short space of time –great if you’re always on-the-go!

  1. NFL Pro 2014

This is a great iPhone and iPad app which allows you to play a mobile version of the EA Sports console game. With fairly straightforward controls, this game licensed by the NFL is really easy to play and allows you to play with the actual teams and their current players. NFL Pro taps into the mobile market that so many casino apps have mastered, with quick, easy-to-play videogames incorporating things like video poker for mobile.

  1. RotoWorld

Fantasy Football fans will no doubt already be familiar with Rotoworld, and the great fantasy league game it offers. Even if you’re not a fan of fantasy leagues, you should still consider Rotoworld as a great resource for all things current in NFL world. The app curates almost all pieces of NFL news out there, with their own spin on things. It also contains links to many original news stories so you can go and read the full stories for yourself.

  1. Yahoo! Fantasy Football App

For all you fantasy football lovers out there, Yahoo!s app version of the fantasy league is definitely the one to download and play. It allows you to update your tea and make roster moves from anywhere with an internet connection, so you can modify and keep track of your team pretty much as you please. As an added bonus, this app also breaks news in a similar fashion to Twitter, so it’s a great double-use app.

These great apps are just the tip of the iceberg for NFL fans. With plans to roll out WiFi in every league stadium over the next few years, there’s sure to be improvements and additions to these great apps, not to mention loads more with different NFL complementing features cropping up in the App Store.

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