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Felipe Lopez was diagnoised with Terminal Cancer in his liver in the summer of 2017. This unexpected news only worsened when he was given a life expectancy of 6-12 months.

Felipe, with his wife, Lorraine, tried to make the most of their short time together. On his good days, they enjoyed sitting on the porch, embracing fresh air, and going out on walks, and spending time with their family.

It was a dream come true when the Dream Foundation offered to send Felipe to Kansas City to watch a Chief’s game and meet the players.

His wife would be unable to care for herself and him on the 6 hour flight and 3 Day Trip in Kansas. The decision was made that Steven SR would accompany Felipe to Kansas to share this Once In A Life Time experience.

They left friday 12-15-17, and the next day Felipe’s dream would come true.

Felipe had the time of his life at the game and after an exhausting day, they returned to the hotel.

On The Morning of 12-17-17, It was discovered by Steven SR that Felipe had passed in his sleep.

We are comforted that Felipe spent his last day experiencing all that life had to offer. His dying wish had come true and even though he was far from home, he knew he was loved.

This unexpected passing during his trip has left his family aching for closure.

Any amount helps, we are seeking any and all help in honoring Felipe’s final wishes.

Felipe Lopez was a loved husband, father, and grandpa. He is survived by his wife, Lorraine Lopez, Son’s Fernando & Steven SR Vargas, His Daughter-In-Law, Melissa, Grandchildren Renee, Steven Jr, Pearl, Micah, & Jonah, and His Great Grandchildren Castiel & Matthew Jr.

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