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By matthewschiefs

What a game to start the season.

That was what we call a game of two halfs.

It was also the complete reverse of the Bob Sutton Defense. I am not sure what Spags did but that D that ended the game was damn good.

As many have noted I have over the years been critical of Andy Reid. Today I tip my hat to him. Of my many complaints of Reid is Stubbornness with the playcalling. Today he adjusted big time when it was needed. And it was a big factor on why the Chiefs were able to come Read more…

By Myles Simmons

Is the Browns the Browns? Cleveland hadn’t needed to punt all game until midway through the fourth quarter when its offense went three-and-out. But then disaster struck, and now the Chiefs lead 33-29 with just under seven minutes left in the contest. But when Jamie Gillan lined up to kick the ball away on fourth-and-12 [more] Read more…

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