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American Football Safety Justin Reid is replacing free agent Tyrann Mathieu. He confessed his friendship with Mathieu and learned from him when the pair were colleagues at Houston Texans.

But Reid, who penned a three-year deal with Kansas City Chiefs, said he won’t be mistaken for Tyrann Mathieu once he gets on the playing field and his performance will determine if he’ll enter NFL selections in the long run. Reid’s plan is to set his own course.

“A copy is never worth as much as the original, there will never, ever, ever be another Tyrann Mathieu come through Kansas City. But I can bring the best Justin Reid possible to Kansas City. I want to play to my strengths. I want to play to who I am”, he said.

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Football is quite the sport when you consider how tough you have to be to compete. Being in the right shape is only half the battle because you’ll need to show a high level of mental toughness. The Kansas City Chiefs is one of the teams that combine both to achieve amazing results. They have been around since 1960 and so far they have had lots of victories and many historic moments. 

Football games are fun to watch which is why lots of online sportsbooks cover these events. But they don’t only cover football, which means there are tennis, basketball, baseball games involved. Sites like make sure to have a variety of sports for the variety of people visiting the site. The main thing about this site is to enjoy it responsibly.

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Andy Reid is one of the top coaches in football history. This is partly due to his smart offensive tactics, which have earned him a notable reputation. Lately, however, many fans have been dissatisfied with his game management, especially with the recent loss of the Chiefs against the Bengals. Now that a little time has passed and initial fires have burned down, is this still the case? 

This time, fans have been complaining about his game management tactics, which they believe cost them the game. The experts at have some brilliant aggregates of odds on Andy Reid’s future, but first, let’s have a look at what Andy Reid has achieved to date.  

Andy Reid – his achievements 

Andy Reid is categorized as one of the older coaches still managing to make a mark. He is also quite underrated, considering he is one of the most accomplished coaches to date. He has worked alongside great quarterbacks and helped them to boost their careers using his offensive tactics.  

However, many people who speak about his coaching career tend to focus on his questionable play-calls, post-season miscues, and poor clock management. All of these, especially his poor clock management, are why many fans believe the Chiefs lost to the Bengals. But is this true? Let’s find out.  

The big mistake – calling a timeout  

During the first drive of the game on Sunday, Michael Burton was initially ruled short when he picked up the first down. This caused Reid to call a timeout to think about the next 4th and 1. Then he threw his challenge flag, a tactic that many NFL coaches use. He did this in the hopes of mulling over the decision made by the officials.  

However, not many coaches have been able to correct a call by dropping the challenge flag. This was the case here, as Reid ended up using the remaining timeouts, they had left during the first half. At the end of the half, with only five seconds to spare, Mahomes threw a bad pass to Hill, ending the half badly. If the Chiefs had managed to make this play, it would have made a significant difference in the game, as it would have increased the halftime lead to 24-10.  

And since the Chiefs had already exhausted their timeouts earlier in the half, there was nothing that they could do. Eventually, the game ended with the Kansas City Chiefs suffering a loss of 27-24 after an 18-point lead.  

Andy Reid takes the blame  

Reid stated that he hoped to get the ball in the end zone and that he most likely gave them the wrong play. He also stated that he could have offered them something better with an open play in the end zone. Reid concluded by saying that he would take complete responsibility.  

What Mahomes had to say 

Mahomes stated that the first read was covered, which caused him to send a pass into the flats for Hill, who had signaled across the formation. But Hill was quickly tackled by two Bengals, causing the play to fall short of the line. This failed play was also a major cause for the Chiefs losing the game, and Mahomes takes part of the blame.  

He added that he was aware they had to obtain points, and they had called a play in which they were trying to get a receiver over the middle. He said that he was meant to throw the ball away if he could not make his pass to the receiver, but got a little greedy and tried to complete a pass to Hill for a touchdown. He concluded by stating that he would have gone for another play if given the chance.  

What did the fans have to say? 

Playing the blame game, it was observed that up to 31% of the fans blamed Andy Reid, with many claiming it was déjà vu. This is because Andy Reid has called the same play for the Chiefs many times in the past, and it generally does not end well. However, about 46% of the fans also blamed Mahomes, while 24% blamed somebody else.  

What is next for the Chiefs? 

Now that the Chiefs are going into the off-season, there will be many decisions to be made by the home office. This is because a number of players are prepping to go into an unrestricted free agency. For instance, Tyrann Mathieu has been an anchor for Kansas City’s secondary and has expressed his desire to remain on the team. Arrowhead may be playing host to a very different looking team next season. 

However, the final decision lies with the home team. Even though there are some difficult decisions to be made by the Chiefs, they will certainly be looking to make changes to keep themselves ahead this coming season.  

The Kansas City Chiefs fell to a surprise defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship game and therefore failed to make it to the Super Bowl for the third straight season.  

In a tightly fought contest, the Bengals, led by in-form quarterback Joe Burrow, edged past the Chiefs at the Arrowhead 27-24 in overtime when a Patrick Mahomes pass was intercepted by Vonn Bell before Evan McPherson converted the all-important field goal from 31 yards to book the Bengals into their first Super Bowl since 1988 as they look for their first-ever title. 

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Even people who aren’t football fans know about the Super Bowl. It’s probably the biggest day in sports in the country. It isn’t even about the game a lot of the time, Super Bowl Sunday has turned into a day to throw a huge party, to eat, drink and socialize with friends and neighbors. It’s essentially a national tailgate and a day for the nation to come together as a community, no matter what team you support. 

However, while all eyes might be on the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl is where we get to see the most talented players in the NFL, from across all the teams, go head to head. This year on February 6th, the real excitement can be found at the Pro Bowl. The Chiefs have six players in Pro Bowl 2022, more than almost any other team in either the AFC or the NFC. 

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American football is one of America’s favorite sport. With over 400 million fans across the country, American football has established itself, along with baseball and golf, as one of America’s favorite pastimes. The National Football League is America’s biggest sports organization, worth billions of dollars, and sponsored by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Pepsi, FedEx, and Visa.

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the best teams competing in the current NFL. They consistently top the rankings of the American Football Conference West Division, and they have won three American Football League championships. Currently, their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is one of the favorites to win the National Football League Most-Valuable Player award. When looking over bets placed on online sites like, some of the most popular bets include ones placed on NFL MVP award winners, and among them Mahomesis a favorite. Let’s take a look at what makes Mahomes so great, and how he can win the MVP award?

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Up until 2019, betting on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl would have sounded like a good way to lose money. The team hadn’t won a Super Bowl since 1969 and had only started to regularly appear as division champions after 2015. But now? It’s no surprise that they’re among the top NFL teams this season. There are a lot of reasons why they are popular among NFL betting picks writers as a favorite. It all comes back to one man: head coach Andy Reid.

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