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By: William Bruno

Not too long ago, if you were to listen to Mitch Holthus on The Kansas City Chiefs broadcast you would hear him yell “TOUCHDOWN, Kansas City Chiefs” which was quite often followed by, “TOUCHDOWN, Tony Gonzalez!!!” Since those days the Chiefs had tried to replace the talent that was lost at tight end, with no positive results. Could this be the turnaround season, to which the Chiefs find their next long-term tight end?

On the roster as of 6/30/14 the Chiefs have a total of five tight ends.

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By: Nathan Shellstein

Anyone who followed the Kansas City Chiefs last year understood that Jamaal Charles was the bulk of the offense. He figures to be a huge part again in 2014, but the team is hoping for a bit more help. Here is a look at the 3 best players after him as far as fantasy football 2014 is concerned.

Dwayne Bowe

There is a realistic chance that no player on the Kansas City Chiefs will go in the 1st 100 picks in fantasy football 2014 after Charles. However, if someone is able to sneak in, it would be Bowe. He will be the main receiving option for the Kansas City Chiefs and their passing game, but he is not consistent enough to join that top tier. There is still a chance that Andy Reid begins to use him more, but last year he failed to have more than 70 yards receiving in a single regular season game.
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The ultimate grade for any team at this point of the NFL season is defined not by A’s, B’s or C’s but W’s and L’s. Grading on that curve, the 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs, the NFL’s last unbeaten team, are at the head of the class.

That’s not to say everything is working well in Kansas City. Offensively, the Chiefs are getting by while the Chiefs have often dominated with their defense.

via Midseason Report: Kansas City Chiefs – Kansas City Chiefs Blog – ESPN.

Chiefs seventh-round draft pick Mike Catapano understands the odds he’s fighting as he attempts to carve out a career in the NFL.

Two weeks ago, he became the first player from Princeton to be selected in the NFL Draft since 2001. And while Ivy League graduates are generally well-respected, it’s not usually for their abilities on a football field. Only six players from the Ivy League appeared in an NFL game last season.

Catapano is trying to change the conventional thinking.

“Everybody always says, ‘Hey, at least you’re bringing up the team GPA,’ ” Catapano said. “but I came here to play. I’m proud to represent the Ivy League. The Ivy League is smart guys that like to play football, and that’s what I’m here to show — that we can play the game just as (well) as everybody else.”

via Chiefs’ Catapano hopes to change perception of Ivy League players –


    If you watch this video you are likely to fall in love with the new Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce. FYI, some of the songs do contain very explicit lyrics that are not suitable for kids. Some of the hits are not suitable for kids either :). BTW, I love this guys ability to run block. I lost count of how many guys he put on their back. Around the 10:00 minute mark you will see some ferocious special teams plays as well. Enjoy!

Catapano was the Ivy League leader in sacks, forced three fumbles and amassed 41 tackles in the 2012 season. While he played defensive end at Princeton, he is considered on the smaller side at 6’3″ and 271 pounds.

The Chiefs plan to use Catapano as a linebacker. It’s a role that Catapano says he will welcome.

via Princeton Football: Standout Mike Catapano Drafted by Kansas City Chiefs | Bleacher Report.

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