By Michael David Smith

After going first overall in last year’s NFL draft, Eric Fisher was generally viewed as a disappointment in Kansas City. But Chiefs coach Andy Reid has big plans for Fisher’s future. Reid said at the league meeting that he expects Fisher to be the Chiefs’ starting left tackle, the position the Chiefs were envisioning he…
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By Darin Gantt

If the NFL wants to legislate away an actual problem, maybe they can train their sights on ridiculous hyperbole next year. Raiders coach Dennis Allen would be the first man punished, after declaring Tuesday morning that new quarterback Matt Schaub was comparable to the other quarterbacks in his division. “We have a quarterback now that’s…
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By TopekaRoy

Just as predicted.


“Right now I’m going to move him to the left side,” Reid said, according to Van Bibber. “That’s where he played in college. Although Donald Stephenson played there for me, I know that he can do that too. But I think I’ll start off with Eric at the left and keep Donald at the right. ”

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By Mike Wilkening

Last offseason, the Ravens lost inside linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, outside linebacker Paul Kruger, safety Ed Reed and cornerback Cary Williams in free agency. Now comes the payoff for Baltimore. Owing to those departures, the Ravens will receive four compensatory picks in the 2014 draft, the NFL said Monday. The highest of those selections is a…
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By Darin Gantt

Orlando is the center of the NFL universe this week for the league’s owners meetings, as we’re right in the middle of it. Our Mike Florio has already interviewed Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Falcons owner Arthur Blank and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid for a show packed with news. You’ll be able to see all…
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By KCWildcat3

Assuming he gets released and we can restructure his deal. I would love for us to work out a trade to later in the first round and take th best guard available. Then with our trade back pick take a pass rusher or wide receiver. And then in the third take the other.

I think even if we trade back out of the first to get more picks like a high 2nd and a 3rd maybe another we would be in great shape. There will be some great players available at the top of the second round. Read more…

By brdempsey69

My wishlist and not in any particular order or round:

A 3-4 DE that can attack the QB.
A 3-4 OLB that can both cover receivers and rush the passer
A WR that can become a go-to guy
A CB that can add depth in case right away in case of injury & play right away in sub-packages
A Safety that can add depth
A O-Lineman to add depth and eventually push for a starting job.

That’s 6 players filling the 6 draft picks the Chiefs have assuming there are no trades.

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