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  1. new guy has to vent
  2. Looks to be 6 more weeks!!!!
  3. Thigpen aint it so...
  4. college qb prospects
  5. Look at the bright side
  6. Fire in the hole!
  7. Say what you want about Al Davis....
  8. Beat Denver!
  9. Wwyd?
  10. PFW`s take on Hermmies mess
  11. KC Press
  12. bj sams
  13. I will Be SOOO upset!!!!
  14. Whining
  15. Brian Brohm vs Brady Quinn
  16. Down ó but definitely out
  17. Let's have fun (Management)
  18. Colt Brennan... Carson Palmer???
  19. Let's have fun (Coaching)
  20. Let's have fun (offense)
  21. Let's have fun (defense)
  22. Huard to start Sunday
  23. Spoil This Party in DonkeyLand...PLEASE
  24. Thigpen or Huard
  25. The visiting teams
  26. KCSUPERFAN Saturdays-This week Dantrell Savage
  27. Brian Brohm
  28. sage rosenfals
  29. afc west rivalries
  30. Tony Gonzalez Trade?
  31. Going to Arrowhead this weekend !
  32. Full Tony Gonzalez interview from Today.
  33. Andre Woodson
  34. Tailgating at Arrowhead
  35. Sign this guy up!!!!!!
  36. A rather encouraging column
  37. For all the idiots that got mad at me
  38. #5 I agree with Fatlock...
  39. Bulger wants out of St. Louis
  40. Herm's press conference
  41. Wiegmann happy to be Bronco, was miserable with Edwards regime.
  42. Wish You were here !
  43. watch the game online??
  44. Chiefs vs. Broncos live game talk here
  45. How 'Bout them chiefs all you nay sayers!!!!!!!!!
  46. Branden Albert Injured?
  47. Not to be negative at a time like this, but you LJ haters got a mouth full today!!!!!
  48. How Bout Them Rookie Corners Folks!!!
  49. the streak is finaly over
  50. Player Of The Game: whos your choice?
  51. God Bless Matt Bryant. Honors his son on Sunday.
  52. Chances we deal Tony Gonzales???
  53. lets not forget special teamers
  54. New to the board
  55. they made some big adjustments
  56. game highlight vids
  57. Rams Fire Linehan
  58. Who Gets the Game ball?...
  59. Turning it around.
  60. Criticism...
  61. Gonzalez displeased with not breaking record on Sunday.
  62. Vote DJ defensive player of the week!
  63. check out this cool chief vid!
  64. Coalition Owner Says Hello / Chiefs @ Panthers
  65. New thread: Chiefs spank Carolina
  66. The Chiefs need your vote!
  67. Kansas City Agrees to Terms With WR Mark Bradley
  68. LB Derrick Johnson Named AFC Defensive Player of the Week
  69. WOW what a dream!!!
  70. Chiefs Defensive Linemen Rank Comparison to Vikings
  71. Larry Johnson Named FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week
  72. LJ, at his best? Talking to the media.
  73. Chiefs vs Panthers GDT
  74. Loss is expected, but a** whipping was'nt
  75. Embarassing
  76. One step forward.....12 steps back
  77. When is coaching going tobe held accountable?
  78. Herm's Postgame Comments
  79. Change needed at the top
  80. You know whats really embarrassing????
  81. Be careful what you wish for
  82. Im done. Its over. My unconditional support ends NOW!
  83. I am truly at a loss...
  84. I am not done. My unconditional support of the Chiefs will continue!!
  85. How did Herb Taylor play?
  86. Today's Keitzman Meltdown.
  87. To all the Herm supporters...
  88. R we seriously this bad???
  89. OK Here is your Chance !
  90. For the love of GAWD!
  91. Musical QB's
  92. Chances of drafting 2 OL?
  93. Brodie to start against Titans
  94. Making sense of it all?
  95. Fire Carl t-shirts
  96. It's not just us.
  97. Fans have paid enough during Petersonís reign
  98. Mitch Holthus gets award
  99. Interesting.....LJ is #1 on list of possible trades on Yahoo
  100. Brodie bust?
  101. Something positive
  102. Chiefs fans near you
  103. Despite 1-4 start, jobs of Chiefs GM Peterson, coach Edwards look safe
  104. Brodie or die. Brodie and die?
  105. Gonzales to Giants?
  106. Has TG Played his last game with the Chiefs?
  107. Going to first Chiefs game. Got some questions for my fellow fans.
  108. From the KC Star- Gonzalez trade possible, but compensation an issue
  109. driving me crazy
  110. Honoring Tony.
  111. The transformation the dark side is nearly complete...
  112. Please NO trade!!!!
  113. The OFFICIAL Chiefs Crowd Retraction Thread!
  114. larry johnson in trouble
  115. espn possible trades to happen in the nfl
  116. What is Herms winning percentage? What is Carls' winning percentage in the play offs
  117. glen dorsey
  119. The COST of Long-Term Bad Business...
  120. gonzo is staying
  121. Features Kansas City Agrees to Terms with LB Rocky Boiman
  122. Johnsonís accuser gives her side of incident
  123. I can't believe I'm saying this...
  124. LJ.
  125. Keitzman Is Raging Hard Today!!!!
  126. Good GOD Carl Sucks!
  127. Sweet Virginia; I LOVE Jack Henry!
  128. Chiefs are gonna beat the Titans.
  129. Chiefs get LB Rocky Boiman
  130. LJ deactivated this weekend...why?
  131. LJ suspension......
  132. Tony almost a packer, guess who f***ed the deal?
  133. LJ Gone, We've Already Won
  134. Oh, wonderful...
  135. Vince Young to line up in Wildcat offense?
  136. possible potential
  137. An Election We Can ALL(somewhat)Agree On!
  138. At least we have college football
  139. Should We Draft a QB Next Year?
  140. Chiefs game not online today????
  141. Done and Done
  142. Wtf. Did I Just See Canada On Tv?
  143. Time for Edwards to Go
  144. Croyle gone for the year
  145. Why boycotting games is good.
  146. How to fix the Chiefs
  147. Are you KIDDING me?!!??
  148. Even CBS commentators say Herms's not going anywhere...
  149. Goodbye Herm
  150. This Is Rock Bottom
  151. Schedule
  152. ANOTHER LJ Suspension!!!!! From the NFL this time!
  153. Enough Is Enough
  154. Just waitin..........
  155. kc chiefs.com contact us
  156. Chiefs need to Trade Colquitt
  157. this just in
  158. Brodie and KC's future...
  159. Does Herm know how to evaluate talent, Looking at 2006 draft and FA
  160. Discipline.
  161. WOW!!!!! Pay attention Hunt!!!!
  162. a list of 2009 free agent o-lineman
  163. Take another hint and follow Hunt........
  164. It's Just Business
  165. Oil paintings of our Chiefs stars
  166. NEW!! Oil paintings of our Chiefs stars
  167. Chiefs speak to Culpepper..........
  168. larry johnson in trouble again wth
  169. It all comes down to Swiss Cheese.
  170. Chiefs looking to replace Novak.
  171. There will be better days, Chief fans.
  172. The Sarcasm Thread( no, I really mean it! )
  173. Team MVP injured?
  174. Sounds like we have a new QB !
  175. Team culture must change
  176. wth Clark this is a depressing story
  177. does flowers get his first pick against favre
  178. Quinn Gray
  179. Larry Johnson benched.... again
  180. Huard out for season
  181. Who retires/leaves after the season?
  182. colt mccoy is staying in college
  183. What NFL newtork critics say about Herm Edwards.
  184. good article from gretz
  185. John Clayton reports..................
  186. hope the lions and bengals start winning
  187. Oil paintings of Chiefs Stars
  188. A sign of the times
  189. Chiefs vs Jets GDT!
  190. Tyler Thigpen is looking awesome
  191. Don't Even Start.
  192. My Boy Is Goddddddddddddd!!!!
  193. Good effort..but
  194. What are the Freakin odds????
  195. Herm coaches Chiefs to another loss.
  196. New group
  197. Culpepper to work out for Chiefs
  198. Gap control...
  199. Coward!!!!
  200. Two Questions???
  201. Chiefs vs Jets game/ my thoughts
  202. M. Braley - Don't hear anyone talking about him.
  203. Chiefs cancel Dante's Visit !
  204. Apparently Dante has a different version !
  205. Jamal Charles- a go for the Buccs game?
  206. LJs meeting with Goodell
  207. vote 4 flowers nfl .com rookie of the week
  208. King Carl as Adolph Hitler...what?
  209. Attention! Attention Please...
  210. proceed with caution huh
  211. tamba switched
  212. Time to run the ball this sunday.
  213. LJ suspended for week 10 game
  214. Schottenheimer vs. Edwards
  215. Thigpen, The QB hope for the future?
  216. The Stafford Band wagon has LEFT THE BUILDING.
  217. Questions for Herm
  218. big test 4 thigpen today
  219. Statement about LJ's suspension
  220. Chiefs Game
  221. Thigpen looking awesome again.
  222. charles does what no other rb has done
  223. how about the o-line
  224. Deja F***ing Vu
  225. Those Who Defend Herm Deserve This
  226. So many injuries ...
  227. Kolby out for the year
  228. Herm calls great game for once. Chiefs still cant hold on.
  229. Insider info on the first touchdown pass today. How it happened in the huddle.
  230. Herm Edwards needs to go
  231. Front and Center CHIEF31; time to STEP UP! lol.
  232. Beer
  233. Take Heart, People!
  234. This one Stings.....this one stings bad
  235. that td does not happen with flowers in
  236. Did anyone else find it odd?
  237. You know whats really sad?
  238. Gruden speaks positive.
  239. The Positive Thread(or, medication for Canada's Soul)
  240. Leather Football Helmet
  241. The season is a wash......
  242. roster activity
  243. Any Chance that Herm and Carl nut up?
  244. Chiefs sign 2 corners and a DE.
  245. chargers pass defense
  246. Chiefs and Playoffs? Listen before you laugh.
  247. Time for some TG Reality(gather 'round the soapbox)
  248. Quinn Gray signing
  249. Who should the Chiefs draft?
  250. chiefs d banged up